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C3 Internship Review – Michelle Cuzner-Charles – Madagascar 2010

July 6, 2011

I wanted to get some GIS experience in a dedicated conservation organisation and that is exactly what I got! During my time with C3 I concentrated on mapping seagrass distribution, dugong sightings, turtle nesting locations and fishing threats. It it was a great experience for me as I had to figure out a lot of things that I had previously not done and I found that tremendously rewarding. Furthermore I know that the results I produced in my time there were of real relevance to the organisation and their goals in marine conservation which is great as it is not the case in every job that you feel that you have really contributed something positive.

Diego, Madagascar is a great place to work as you are smack in the middle of where the action is so to speak; you can see with your own eyes the wonderful natural resources and also see the plight of the people and their need for survival. C3 is a good organisation to work for as they are serious about their aims and work at a grass roots level. They have high standards with regards to their scientific research which means that you know that the work which you do for them has value. There is also a high level of personal integrity within the organisation, all of these factors combined encompasses some of the best aspects of what you can expect from an NGO.


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