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C3 Internship Review – Chelsea Ricketts – Madagascar 2010

June 30, 2011

In 2010, I did a 3-month internship with C3 in Diego Suarez, Madagascar. I chose C3 over all of the other available internships for several reasons: (1) the program has a strong belief in community participation and empowerment, (2) there are opportunities in a variety of areas to do independent projects, and (3) interns are carefully selected and thus highly qualified. While in Madagascar I learned, among many things, how to map sea grass, conduct interviews with local fisherman, and design socioeconomic surveys. My internship has definitely given me an edge against other candidates when applying for work.

Living in Madagascar was an amazing experience. I miss the country, my fellow interns, and my Malagasy friends


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  1. Noa Sainz permalink

    It was the beginning of 2008, I had finished an internship in Portugal and I was anxious to keep on working in environmental sciences at an international level before starting the Masters in Water and Coastal Management, when I found the possibility of going to Mauritius Islands to help an International Conservation NGO, C-3, the Community Centred Conservation. And it was a great idea to apply for it and decide to join them! I have collaborated with C-3 in their Indian Ocean programme, mainly focusing on sea turtle conservation, but I learned a lot more than their status in the islands. During this two months stay, apart from sharing a really nice job place atmosphere, I also gain good work techniques and social and research skills. Moreover, I improved my language skills, while meeting some wonderful people and visiting overwhelming places.
    Definitely, I do recommend a C-3 internship experience in Mauritius Islands.

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